Who Can Enter

   Scouts who are registered, active members of a Boy or Girl Scout Troop,  Venturing Crew or a Sea Scout Ship who have received the Eagle; Scout Award, Girl Scout Gold Award, Venturing Crew, or a Sea Scout Quartermaster Award.

Note: All applicants still in high school who reach their 18th birthday during the nomination year remain eligible if otherwise qualified.

How to Enter

   Scouts should submit the completed VFW Scouting Scholarship form, resume of high school activities, scouting record, community service record and letters of recommendation to a local VFW Post no later than March 1st.

Note: A Scout can enter through ONE VFW Post only. 

How the Contest Works

   Local VFW posts select one winner from the entries received. Post then submit their local winner to their respective VFW Department (state) by April 1st. There is no District judging for this award. From there, the Department selects a winner and forwards the entry to the VFW National Headquarters by May 1st for national-level judging.

Special Instructions

   For information and applications, about any of these programs or to request assistance, use the form on the Contact Page.   



Scout of the Year

  Civil Air Patrol, Jr. and Sr. R.O.T.C. Awards

Youth Cadet Awards Program

   VFW awards for special recognition of outstanding achievement and exceptional leadership are available for Junior and Senior ROTC programs, Naval Sea Cadets and Civil Air Patrol Cadets.

Awards Administration

   Cadet awards may be initiated by the local VFW Posts or directly by the cadet's unit. In either case, documentation should  come from the unit as follows:

     Naval Sea Cadets - from the unit's commanding officer in a letter with copy to NSCC HQ.

      Civil Air Patrol Cadets, from the candidate's submitting a CAPF-120.

     JROTC/SROTC Cadet - from the unit  by submitting a letter documenting the criteria.

Criteria for Civil Air Patrol and Naval Sea Cadets

     Good academic standing

     Satisfactory progress in the cadet program

     Outstanding achievement in community service and/or the cadet program

     High moral character

     Exceptional professionalism in appearance and actions (Officer Award)

     Outstanding military bearing and conduct in and out of uniform (NCO Award)

     Involvement in patriotic programs, drill team, color guard, etc.

     Demonstrated potential and willingness to assume higher levels of responsibility

Additional Criteria for JROTC & SROTC Awards

     Positive attitude toward the ROTC program

     For JrROTC must be enrolled as a 10th - 12th grade JROTC student,

     For SrROTC must be an under-graduates student enrolled in Military Science I through IV

     Must maintain a "B" average in ROTC curriculum and a "C" average in all remaining subjects with no failing grades in the previous semester

     Active in at least one other student extracurricular activity (music, athletic, government, etc.)  


VFW Youth Programs

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