Information About the VFW.

Supported Charities

A number of charitable drives are supported by the VFW and its auxiliaries. Among these are:

   The National Home for Children (see included article).

   The Ladies Auxiliary is a staunch supporter of cancer research.

   The Cooties special project is the Veterans Hospitals wherein they strive to make the patients lives a bit easier.

   Other projects include helping a Vet in Need, Special "Packages From Home" drives, welcoming home and send-off functions rotating units.   .

National Programs

National Military Services

   VFW National Military Services (NMS) promotes positive awareness of the VFW through community involvement, communication tools and financial support to qualified military and service members.


Operation Uplink

   VFW started Operation Uplink in 1996 to connect deployed and hospitalized service members with their families through free phone calls.

Military Assistance Program

   The Military Assistance Program (MAP) is the VFW's most direct connection between military units and Posts at the local level. Through MAP, posts have held going away programs, welcome hope events and unit picnics for numerous military units. The adopt-a-Unit also falls under MAP.

Unmet Needs

   VFW Unmet Needs was created in 2004 through a corporate partnership to assist military service members and their families who run into unexpected financial difficulties as a result of deployment or other hardships directly related to military service.. Unmet Needs assists with basic life needs such as mortgages and rent, home and auto repairs, insurance, utilities, food and clothing

National Veterans Services

   The National Veterans Services exist to assist veterans in dealing with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Community Involvement

   Direct community involvement is a VFW priority, extending beyond the realm of veterans helping fellow veterans.

   VFW's Community Service programs are designed to encourage community service and increase civic pride, which ultimately enhances education, improves the environment and ensures the available of health services for veterans.      

What is the VFW?

   The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) is a social organization consisting of American veterans who served in combat or combat zones that resulted in the award of a campaigne medal or ribbon.

   The National organization is divided into States (Departments) with each state unit further divided into Districts. Districts consist of individual Posts that are numbered by the VFW and may be named by Post members. There are also posts in Mexico, Asia and Europe.

   Each post selects its line officers, undertakes and develops its own projects and programs within the guidelines of the National Charter. It conducts its own fund raising and charity drives. Posts may include an Auxiliary and/or a Mounted or Motorcycle Auxiliary.

   The VFW sponsors numerous programs for students attending public, private, parochial schools or those who are being home educated. In addition, programs honoring teachers at the elementary, middle school and high school as well as another honoring first responders are also sponsored by individual posts.

   The days when the phrase "VFW Post' was synonymous with grizzled vets sitting at a beer-stained bar in a smoke filled room trading war stories is virtually obsolete. Today's VFW is an active, hardworking, goal oriented, family centered group of men and women seeking to better their community and the lives of their comrades.