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   The Military order of the Cootie (MOC) is ;the Honor Degree of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United Sates (VFW).

   The prerequisite for being a member of the Military Order of the Cootie (MOC) is to be a member in good standing of the VFW, having served as a Post Officer, either elected or appointed, or holding a position contributing to the VFW.

   Only active members of a VFW Post are invited to join a Pup Tent which is under the control of a Seam Squirrel.

   The objective of the organization is to "HAVE FUN" and support the VFW. Other functions include visits to hospitalized veterans with the motto "Keep them smiling in beds of white," as well as contributing time and effort to the VFW in support of Post activities and recruiting new members.

   The Military Order of the Cootie supports the VFRW National Home for Children in Eaton Rapids, MI through visits, contributions and special projects.

   Trek to the Tomb.

   The "Trek to the Tomb of the Unknowns" is an annual event scheduled for the 1st week in November. Cooties from around the world assemble at Arlington National Cemetery and pay tribute by dedicating wreaths donated by all the Pup Tents and their Ladies Auxiliaries to those that have given the ultimate sacrifice.

   Special wreaths are laid by the Supreme Commander of the MOC, President of the MOCA and Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.

   The uniform of the Cootie is a '"Red Hat" worn sideways with appropriate indications of status in the MOC. The uniform accessories, when formerly dressed, are red blazer jacket, white shirt, white trousers with red stripes down the sides and whites shoes. This is the attire worn at Tomb Trek and other dignified functions.

   Cooties "aat play" can have any combination and usually do of "Red, Red and red, plus various colors and any combination thereof.". 


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The Military Order of the Cootie.