Upcoming Department Activities.

Activity                     Date               Time               Location

For additional details

call 281-446-5488


Upcoming National Activities

Activity                        Date                    Time                  Location

State Convention Mid      26-29 Jan                                              Austin

​  Winter

Legislative Convention    26Feb -2March                                     Washington DC

​Department of Texas        15-18 June                                            Houston

       State Convention

       Westin Oaks (Galleria)

​Officer Training                   13-16 July                                             Austin

​National Convention           22-26 July                                            New Orleans

  • Upcoming Post Activities

Activity                         Date            Time                 Location  

Post Meeting              Aug 2, 2017         0630             Cypresswoods                 




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Upcoming District Activities

.Activity                       Date          Time               Location  District

​Kingwood Parade         July 5. 2017                 

​​Poppy Donations (All please come by our booth

Uniform of the day for all district meetings is blue blazer and gray trousers unless otherwise notified. Past Commander's meeting will commence at 0900 prior to District Meetings.                           

​​Calendar of Events.